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There are many kinds of barriers. Those from within and those from without. Barriers between people. Barriers that prevent you from doing good things. Barriers of your own mind and your own hesitations. There are the barriers that exist simply because you are a limited being. 





At Joy Breaks Barriers our mission is to open a doorway to the realm of infinite possibility and true innovation that is an integral part of your success. A good coach helps you to maximize and capitalize on  your inherent signature strengths and holds the door open to what you cannot see on your own. What you haven’t experienced is not part of your brain’s wiring and therefore not a familiar skill or just not part of your schemata of reality. The truth is that we don't know something exists until it's discovered. Everything we need is available to us, we just need the tools to figure out how to break through our own barriers and find the answers.  More than creative talent, it takes courage to push yourself to places you've never been before, to test your limits, to BREAK THROUGH BARRIERS.  


 Almost everyone who has experienced success in their life recognizes that they couldn't have done it alone. A JBB coach serves as that person, guiding you, supporting you, en"courage"ing you to open new doors , see what is possible, how you can innovate, and ultimately design your own path to success and fulfillment.   Coaching your brain to those “Aha!” moments of breakthrough insight is just one of the many techniques we use to accelerate your growth.   Through completion of the coaching program, you will develop a clear understanding of your purpose and vision as a leader by understanding how to choose new, empowered actions, how to effectively utilize feedback from your environment and integrate your internal cues .


You will begin to innovate yourself, your relationships, your business, your organization and live in the realm of what is infinitely possible for you!

JOY BREAKS BARRIERS COACHING​ has helped executives, leaders, managers, housewives, doctors, thinkers, entrepreneurs, artists, financiers, scientists, educators, sales people, politicians, health service professionals, caretakers, cancer survivors, parents, teenagers, special needs children, developmentaly delayed adults and seniors.  We coach anyone who desires to rattle their right brain in order to launch their left brain, deepen the JOY and laughter in their lives, accelerate personal productivity, develop a new skill set, and define personal goals to maximize measurable success. 

At Joy Breaks Barriers, our coaching vision is to partner with you in your journey of self-discovery, guiding you to your highest good. 


Build stronger relationships.


develop a positive mindset.


bridge cultural differences.

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